24/7 Available Services

NY & Washington State certified.

(902) 229-8573

  • Escort Vehicle Service - US and Canada

    Oversized Loads, heavy haul, emphasis on load, driver and public safety.
  • 24/7 Hotshot Delivery Service

    We provide expedited delivery service to those in need, with the flexibility of being called on very short notice.
  • Float and Stepdeck Services

    No job is too big.
  • Small Equipment and Construction Materials Delivered

    Delivery of small equipment and construction material to your jobsite. Affordable and dependable.
  • Courier Services

    No package is too small. We offer quality delivery of your packages and letters.
  • Boat Delivery

    We know your boat needs special expertise when it comes to transportation. We can help you prepare it for transport with us.
  • RV Delivery

    Safe and affordable tow-away service for your RV.
  • ATV Delivery

    We can deliver multiple ATVs with our Load Max trailer.
  • Snow Removal and Winter Property Management

    24/7 Commercial and Residential Snow Removal and winter maintenance.

(902) 229-8573